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Weight Loss Update

I’ve been terrible at posting lately. I’ve just been so busy with other things. Volunteering with an election campaign here, working, crafting for Christmas, doing my pre-Christmas housecleaning (which equates to spring cleaning levels),  etc.

My weight loss has been slow recently, as I’ve not been exercising (well, not of the specific kind, though I think hardcore cleaning counts), and haven’t been eating as well, but am getting back into the swing of things this week.

Regardless, I’ve managed to lose… 31 POUNDS! In less than 3 months. November 17th will be the three month mark. I’ve been hovering around this current weight for about 2 WEEKS NOW. This is of course, based on my morning weight. I’ve gone as low as 214, but didn’t stay there.

So, my very first before and after pictures will be posted today (this one is for you Nanny – I saw your comment wondering where my updates had gone! :)).

On the left, is a photo taken by my four year old yesterday. On the right is a photo taken by a family member in early August, before I began my weight loss journey. As you can see… 30 pounds has already mad a tonne of difference.

It makes me cry to see this… to actually, really, finally…. see a difference. It makes it all worthwhile, and has be very motivated to get back on the exercise wagon!

Please ignore the mess in the background of the photo at left… I have a four year old boy who loves to play with boxes and make messes! 🙂 In the photo at right, that’s my husband in the background making some weird face, and my son hiding in my arms. He’s getting way too tall for that! 🙂

Anyway folks, I’ll try to get back on track here soon, and start posting food photos and exercise updates again to help keep myself accountable. I’v also gotten into sewing and crafts recently, and hope to open an Etsyh shop soon. I’ll shar the link with everyone when I’ve got it up and running.



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19 Pounds Down, and Today’s Eats!

Weight Update:

So, this morning I weighed myself, and my morning weight was… *drumroll please* … 227 pounds!! This is 19 pounds down from my past morning weight!HURRAY!

This evening, after eating all day, I weighed myself again, out of curiosity, and my evening weight was 228.5 pounds! This is down from my previous average evening weight of 26-249 pounds! HURRAY SOME MORE!

I was having trouble believing the weight loss had made any difference, despite my husband’s protests, until I put together my ‘before’ pictures and my ‘weight loss to date (as of today)’ pictures. I can REALLY see a difference. Unfortunately, I’m not quite comfortable sharing these photos with the world yet, but I will hang on to them and continue adding new photos along the way, and when I am where I am comfortable, I will show you all the progress! 🙂

My stomach has flattened, and my massage therapist friend noted in the pictures that she can see my abdominal muscles coming forward… from the front view, I’ve lost the round pregnant firm belly look, and while it is looking less firm, it is also decidedly narrower at the waste, and showing some shape. VERY COOL for me to see! Totally makes this worth while!

Today’s Eats – Breakfast:

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Vanilla Yogurt:

I cooked some rolled oats, and added pureed pumpkin, pumpkin spice, and brown sugar toward the end. In the bowl I added a drizzle of maple syrup and some vanilla yogurt. SO tasty!

Just in time for Fall - Pumpkin Oats!

Just in time for Fall - Pumpkin Oats!

Today’s Eats – Snacks & Lunch:

  • A Deep Chocolate VitaMuffin for my morning snack
  • A Dempster’s BodyWise Whole Wheat sandwich with cheese, spinach and turkey (tomato basil deli) and ham (rosemary deli)
  • Some goldfish crackers – I know, bad, but in the scheme of crackers, they’re not all that bad
  • A bite of a Chocolate Almond Fudge Clif Bar, to see if I liked it – I LOVED it – but gave the rest to my munchkin, who thoroughly believed it was a cookie
  • A bite of the Pecan Pie Larabar, just to taste. I was very unimpressed – I’ll be honest. Even the munchkin wouldn’t eat it. That’s a bad sign. He eats anything perceived as a ‘treat.’ I bought a couple of others to try though, and am hoping for more luck. We don’t have any of the chocolate flavored ones here for some reason (Jocolat).
Clif Bar - Chocolate Almond Fudge

Clif Bar - Chocolate Almond Fudge

LaraBar - Pecan Pie

LaraBar - Pecan Pie

Todays Eats – Dinner:

  • One proper portion (possibly less) of steak, sliced and cooked in a frying pan (no oil or grease) with Worcestershire sauce
  • Raw carrot, green pepper and mushroom dipped in Renee’s Wellness Yogurt Peppercorn Dressing (SO DELICIOUS!) – I couldn’t finish all of the veggies, and my munchkin was more than happy to finish them off for me!
  • One bottle of POMx Pomegranate Peach Passion White Tea. This tasted absolutely fabulous, but after realizing pomegranates are apparently a growing allergen, and knowing my own issues with mango and kiwi, I panicked and put it away in the fridge after drinking a bit. Gosh it was SOOOOO good though.
Suppertime - YUM YUM!

Suppertime - YUM YUM!

Well, that’s it for now! Hope everyone else is doing well!

I’m off to bed for a good night’s rest now!

Tomorrow I’m planning to try a nice whole wheat pizza dough recipe I found – I didn’t tackle it tonight because it takes and hour or two to make/let rise. Can’t wait to share with you all how THAT goes – I’m not known for my pizza doough-making skills….


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