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I Am Becoming Really Bad At This!

So, my consistency is one epic fail of late… in posting, exercising, and eating right.

I have succumbed to the sad days of eating every sweet treat in sight, making excuses for exercising, and being too tired/worn out to keep up with this blog, which has given me much of the accountability I needed in the past.

Well, I am going to try to get back at this now that the weather is warming up. I decided to give power walking a try, since my elliptical was causing repeat injkury/train to my right leg.  I picked up a pedmoeter, a water botle and holder to hook around my waist, and loaded my MP3 player with power tunes! I managed two days of long power walks – one even in the rain – before the weather turned nasty and cold again. At least I know I enjoy it though, and as it warms up, it will be my go-to exercise to try. I am also looking for a treadmill for at home on ngihts when I don’t get in until later and still want to do my walking. Can’t afford a new one at the moment, but hoping to find a manual someone wants to get rid of, or buy one off of Kijiji.

Now, that aside, I did try a couple of news meals/foods lately, and went so far as to buy myself new 9 oz. tall drinking glasses, some small lunch plates and a big salad bowl – with the hopes of keeping up better with portion sizes.

Two of my recent meals turned out delicious!

YUM - 2 egg omelet with tomato, spinach, cherrywood smoked (low sodium) deli ham, green onion, red pepper, cheese. Slice of Sobey's wheat-wise bread (55 calories) with sugar-free raspberry jam.

AND for dinner tonight… with my new plate/bowl:

Thin slice of marble rye with margerine. 1/2 c. mixture of white & whole wheat pasta, topped with alfredo sauce with steamed chicke and steam veggies (zuch, spinach, grn onion, mushroom, & some of a frozen mixed bag) ... served on my new small plates. One big honkin' bowl of mesclun/herbed salad greens, with a diced Roma tomato and 1/2 tbsp. light poppy seed dressing. 🙂 My 4 yr. old boy ate the same stuff and loved it.


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