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Product Comparison: Special K Red Berry VS. President’s Choice On Track – Vanilla Strawberry

So while wandering the grocery aisles to pick up a new box of cereal, I was pleasantly surprised to see a box of cereal that looked suspiciously similar to my all time favorite, Special K Red Berry. This was President’s Choice On Track – Vanilla Strawberry, found at the Atlantic Superstore under their President’s Choice store brand.


Since the cost was cheaper and the box larger, I thought I may as well read the nutritional info to compare.  WELL… let me tell you, the two seemed very similar, with calories almost on par (110 for 3/4 c. of the PC, and 120 for 1 c. of the Special K), but even better is the fact that the PC brand is LOWER in carbs/sugars, matches in dietary fiber, LOWER in sodium, and HIGHER in protein. Special K has extras of other vitamins and nutritional items, so depending on your needs, you’ll have to check out what nutrients are missing or lower for the PC brand.

I purchased a box and tried some this morning, and I have to say the two taste almost identical, and oddly enough the PC brand seems to have more BERRIES! YUM! Totally delicious, has kept me full so far today.

The Verdict: I completely and totally recommend anyone with access to these stores/this brand try this product if they like Special K Red Berry – and even if you don’t, try it anyway!



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How Am I Monitoring What I Eat?

Anyone who knows me personally, and especially professionally, knows and understands that I have a passion for structure to my activities, and a penchant for creating templates to make life simple… so it should come as no surprise to these folks that I created a template that allows me to monitor my calorie intake, my food guide servings, my exercise and calories burned, and determine whether I am meeting my required calorie deficit each day to facilitate weight loss. Continue reading

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