…Fell off the Healthy Wagon. Sort of.

All right, so my theory that stress causes me to exercise less and eat more junk has proven true this week. This past week was a bit more stressful than others recently, and I found myself resorting to wanting sweets, namely, and getting lazy with my regular eating and exercise.

I’m pretty disappointed in myself, and doesn’t look like I’ve lost any weight in the past week, sadly. SO, starting tomorrow, back on the wagon. I think I am going to need to keep up with the calorie counting, since it seems to keep me better focused. So here are my goals for getting back on track this week:

1. One glass of water per hour while at the office or during day at home.

2. While pushing myself to the one hour exercise every day makes me avoid it, I thinki setting a 30 minutes one day, 60 minutes the next, pattern might help me keep at it.

3. Need to buy some more fruit and yogurt, because I’ve resorted to sweet treats too much lately.

4. Cut back on breads/starches again… while I seem to be keeping my portion skzes in control still, I am letting higher calories foods, and perhaps too many breads/grains.starches creep back into my diet (ie: regular add water pancake mix because it’s just so easy, bread based foods like bruschetta, and pasta …. though I did stick to very small portions and whole wheat).

5. Get back onto a better schedule and try to eat dinner earlier again. I seem to do best the days I am in the office, though lunch was running late this week with some hectic things going on at the office.

I CAN do this. I just need to get focus again. I am not going to let this weight beat me this time. No way. Just because one week fell shiort and I got off track doesn’t mean I’ve lost all hope… I can get back on track. I can dot his. I want/need to do this.

I did make some meals and foods worth posting over the week, and will post them tomorrow night, as the first step of getting back on the wagon! Thank you to everyone reading – knowing I had to come back here and share my lapse in progress really gives me motivation to re-focus and concentrate on the goal ahead – accountability to friends, family, and internet strangers alike!


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One response to “…Fell off the Healthy Wagon. Sort of.

  1. Jennifer

    I have fallen off of the wagon for months now. Late night snacking, no exercise and just eating out more than I would care to admit. I am going to get back on the wagon. You and Wanda have really inspired me to do so. You can do this Dez! I have faith in you! 🙂

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