Whew! Busy week… a rundown of the week’s eats!!

So, I’ve been pretty busy, and alternately exhausted this week, so I’d not managed to post much.First, weigh-in was Monday for the office’s Biggest Loser – I was down another 3 pounds for 10lbs total since the competition started 3 weeks ago.

Per my scale, I’ve now cracked the 220’s and am down to 228 – so that’s 18 pounds so far! WOW! In just under one month! I can totally do this!

I’m just getting back into my exercise routine after taking it easy due to an injury to a muscle in the back of my leg (calf).  Boy I missed it!

I DID however, take as many pictures of what I was eating as possible, and here is an update!

Dinner, Monday Night:

I caved and decided to have a bit of red meat. I took a proper portion (about the size of a deck of cards), and sliced it up thin. I then chucked it into a frying pan with Worcestershire sauce, no oil. I cooked covered on medium-low for a few minutes, then cranked up the heat and took the cover off to fast fry it and soak up the worcestershire. I actually burnt mine a bit because I wasn’t paying attention – definitely DON’T do that. Hehe.

As a side, I threw a bag of frozen veggies and some corn in a pot, along with a bit of water and some oriental spices and soy sauce. Basically a heat and serve type of deal.

YUM! A nice mess of tasty goodness!

YUM! A nice mess of tasty goodness!

Breakfast Tuesday:

  • Rolled oats, topped with pumpkin puree mashed with some brown sugar and cinnamon, and some vanilla yogurt
Mmmmmmm. I LOVE oats - and I LOVE pumpkin pie. These flavors work so well together!

Mmmmmmm. I LOVE oats - and I LOVE pumpkin pie. These flavors work so well together!

Dinner Tuesday Night:

  • Butternut Squash, diced up and baked with sea salt for about 1/2 hour on 425 degrees
  • Some sliced cheddar and green pepper
  • Chicken breast stuffed with rosemary deli ham (just a few cut squares out of a slice for flavor), brushed with olive oil, sprinkled with rosemary and baked – and of course served on spinach – because I LOVE spinach!
This was my lazy cooking... turned out quite all right though!

This was my lazy cooking... turned out quite all right though!

Tuesday Eats, no pictures:

  • Breakfast – Rolled Oats with blueberries & yogurt
  • Frozen serving of the chicken soup I made a couple of weeks ago, plus two pieces of Dempster’s Bodywise whole wheat bread with local honey
  • Snack – Vanilla yogurt, Blueberries w/ Kashi Go Lean sprinkled on top – I served this to my coworkers at the office actually
  • Snack – A pear diced up and baked with cinnamon

Dinner, Wednesday Night:

I was craving something different, so I picked up some salmon, cut into chuncks, and baked in a casserole dish with some maple syrup, soy sauce, and garlic. DELICIOUS!

I also wanted to try asparagus. The aspragus I tossed in a tbsp. of olive oil, garlic, and black pepper, and baked ina casserole dish. When it was almost done, I sprinkled on some parmesan cheese as well. Again, great dish, and SO easy!

I had also picked up some tri-color chickpea salad from Sobeys grocery store – the fresh foods/deli aisle. It was betwene this or the 12 grain salad, but they had hte 12-grain loaded with curry, and this was more a sweet tangy dressing, so I chose this one.

Salmon, Asparagus and Tri-Color Chickpea Salad (Sobeys)

Salmon, Asparagus and Tri-Color Chickpea Salad (Sobeys)

Other Wednesday Eats, no pictures:

  • Snack – I made pita pizzas and divied up small chip sizes pieces to my coworkers. On the pita pizza was some pesto, spinach, rosemary deli ham slices, and light mozzarella. It was a hit! Wish I had taken a picture!
  • Lunch – Serving (1 c.) of the leftover chicken soup I froze a couple of weeks ago, with some green pepper and chedder on the side.

Thursday Breakfast:

  • I bought Speerville’s Certified Organic Buckwheat Pancake Mix, so tried it this morning. Three small pancakes – one with maple syrup, one with E.D. Smith (no sugar added) raspberry jam and vanilla yogurt, and one with pumpkin puree, cinnamon and vanilla yogurt.
  • The pancakes are quite heavy, so take some getting used too – but very good.
Sweetness in the morning...

Sweetness in the morning...

Thursday Lunch:

I had a light lunch. I was making white meat chicken fingers for Kaiden, as they were on sale at Superstore this week. So I baked myself two as well, and threw them in a whole wheat tortilla smeared with pesto and rolled in with spinach. I added the rest of my chickpea salad to the plate as my side as well.

Short and sweet.

Short and sweet.

Thursday Supper:

  • My new favorites – my chicken with Classic Red Wine & Herb Sauce on a bed of spinach, and homemade zucchinni sticks from one baby zucchini and served with the same red sauce.
Loving the zucchini sticks!

Loving the zucchini sticks!


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