Breaking News! VitaMuffins…. are AMAZING!

So, before I go to bed…. I have to share this. I was wondering through the organics section of the Atlantic Superstore today, and there I spied this little box of four double chocolate frozen muffins in the organics/natural products freezer section.


I though, MMMMMMM…. muffins. And then I though NOOOOOO, BAD DEE!

Until I saw the little square that said ‘100 calories, 6g fibre’ …. and I thought, we’ll, why not try it. They’re regular $4.99, on sale for $4.49. I usually only buy things to try when they’re on sale.

You’re supposed to keep these frozen, and sit out for 1.5 hours to thaw, or thaw in the microwave.

Mine actually only took about 30 minutes to thaw.

Now the best part – when I went to eat this little muffin, I expected some sort of weird taste, due to the high level of nutrients, fibre, vitamins, etc.


This is the most moist, soft, decadent little mufifn I’ve ever tasted.!

It totally hit the spot, for only 100 calories, and much healthier than any other 1090 calorie treat I could put into my body!

If you can find these in your local grocery store, TOTALLY TRY THEM! They’re SOOOOO good! A weight-conscious chocolate lover’s dream!

They also had a blueberry bran version, and apparently they make baking mixes and such as well – though I didn’t see the mixes anywhere. If anyone knows where to find them in Atlantic Canada – please do share! 🙂


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