RIP Patrick Swayze…. So Sad.

ABC, KTLA and TMZ are all reporting that Patrick Swayze has finally given in to his battle with cancer. I’m so sad right now… he was one of my favorites. May he rest in peace…. pain free. You fought a long, brave battle. Will always enjoy his films…. this weekend will be a Swayze marathon in memory.




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2 responses to “RIP Patrick Swayze…. So Sad.

  1. I am struck by all the people coming out and saying what a genuinely great guy he was in person. I keep thinking “why does someone have to die before everyone will gush about how great, sweet and kind they were?” We could all stand to talk up our friends more while they are still with us.

  2. deefit

    How very true… I’ve already in my lifetime lost one friend to cancer, and two to homicides. All three unexpected and young (ages 19-23), even the cancer loss, as he was doing well overall. I often felt I wish I’d told them and others more of what they meant to me – all special to me in a different way.

    I think the thing about Patrick Swayze us essentially that he stood out for living a very private life, as well as a very loyal life as well. It is so unusual to see this in the celebrity world.

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