Good Eats and Wedding Bells?

Musings of An Inspired Woman:

No, no, I’m not getting divorced only to remarry. I’m quite happily in love with my husband (who we shall call ‘Mr. Dee’ here). In fact, I am even MORE in love with him after last night. Those who are reading who know him may be surprised by this little story!

First of all, my leg issue is getting better – my massage therapist worked on it, noting I had simply pulled or strained a muscle, checked the form of my stretches , and gave me leave to do some light elliptical workout, and weights, so my light workout consisted of:

  • 10 minutes cardio on elliptical, light pace …. stretches
  • 15 minutes of upper body weights (5 lbs in each hand)
  • 15 minute cardio on elliptical, increased pace …. stretches
  • 20 minutes misc. (quadruped leg lifts, side leg lifts, pelvic thrusts, crunches)

Now on to the husband story. Last night, I was watching ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ while working out. I was just in awe of some of the beautiful dresses the women were wearing, and was feeling kind of sad that I never really had ‘my pick’ of wedding dresses when I got married. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my dress – it was the best of those I was able to try on – but there were SO FEW dresses available in my size – and those that were were more expensive than regular sized dresses, which further limited my options. Thank goodness for my Mom, who surprised me by buying the one dress I was able to fall in love with. That was the best wedding gift surprise ever!

Anyway, after my workout, I was telling my husband that I was sad I was larger in our wedding pictures, and wished I could do it over (but SMALLER, no fancy wedding) at a healthier weight – you know, get a second chance to shine. And wouldn’t you know, he thought it would actually be a nice idea to renew our vows in a few years, and get more pictures done – because he knows how special that would be to me once I am at a healthier weight? I almost cried…. I lOVE this man. Love, love love him!

So NOW I have an extra big motivator – get fit for possibly renewing our vows at the five year mark (which is still 3 years away). I think that would be so lovely… something small and intimate, just a big party with our closest friends and loved ones to celebrate some big changes. Maybe my Mom could even get here the second time around! (My Mom couldn’t make it to my wedding, and was living across the country. It was VERY hard for me.)

Here are some pictures from our July 7th, 2007 wedding to share with you:

The love of my life - who loves me no matter what size or shape I am!

The love of my life - who loves me no matter what size or shape I am!

Here you can see my size at my wedding a little better - I still felt beautiful - but wish I had made the effort to get healthy BEFORE my wedding.

Here you can see my size at my wedding a little better - I still felt beautiful - but wish I had made the effort to get healthy BEFORE my wedding.

AND just for fun, because hey, I can laugh at myself – here is a hilarious photo from the reception later in the night. Clearly this was not a dry wedding. Hehe. A friend, Teela, popping out from under my dress – I believe this was a play on how poofy my dress was. šŸ˜›

What do you MEAN there's something on my dress?

What do you MEAN there's something on my dress?

Good Eats!

So, let’s see. Thursday we decided to eat red meat (something I’ve not done in quite a while) and made lean ground beef burgers for the barbecue. We added a tonne of fresh chopped mushroom, green pepper, onion and green onion to them, as well as Salba Smart Hot Salsa. Then my hubby grilled them to PERFECTION – they were delicious!

I had one on a whole wheat bun, with Simply Natural organic ketchup, mustard and 1/2 slice of black diamond low-fat cheese slice. Topped up my plate with veggies in a chinese spice mix, and off I went to devour! This is a great improvement, as in the past I could easily eat 3-4 hamburgers from the barbecue. They were just too darn good! Now I know better, and seem able to control myself! šŸ™‚

Changing it up - a tasty change!

Changing it up - a tasty change!

Friday, I started the day with my standard blueberry oatmeal (I am SERIOUSLY loving this!), with some vanilla yogurt and ground flax seed. I won’t post another picture because it truly all looks the same. šŸ™‚

Mid-morning snack was a bit of hummus with flatbread crackers (6).

Lunch was a leftover burger on whole wheat bun, with organic ketchup and mustard, with a side of fresh chopped up (locally grown) carrots. Very tasty!

Mid-afternoon snack was the last bit of vanilla yogurt with a sprinkly of Special K for some crunch.

For dinner, I got lazy and decided to pull out a container of the chicken soup I made last weekend from the freezer, and served with a half of a small torilla with spinach, tomato & basil turkey sandwich meat from the Sobeys deli (this stuff is DELICIOUS – try it if you have a Sobeys near you!) and a swipe of Renee’sWellness Yogurt Dressing – Peppercorn Ranch flavour.

Chicken Soup & Turkey & Spinach Tortilla

Chicken Soup & Turkey & Spinach Tortilla

The Renee’s Wellness Yogurt Dressing was an experiment – and I have to say a successful one. This stuff is TASTY, and a nice change when you get sick of oil & vinegar type dressings.

Renee's Wellness Yogurt Dressings - a GREAT Product Line!

Renee's Wellness Yogurt Dressings - a GREAT Product Line!

On my grocery travels yesterday I picked up:

  • tomato basil deli turkey
  • rosemary sliced deli ham
  • crab flavored pieces (made from the flavorless fish – polluck?) – tasty though!
  • Shredded Wheat Muffets from Quaker
  • Goldfish crackers for the kiddo
  • Some steak for the hubby (and for me occasionally with stir fry)

Today’s breakfast has not yet been had. About to go make it now, and I think I am going to stick with warm oatmeal because it is CHILLY here today on the East Coast! BRRRRRRR! Autumn is definitely upon us!



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3 responses to “Good Eats and Wedding Bells?

  1. Aww, that is so sweet!! Also, that first wedding photo is too. cute.

    I’ve only just started eating red meat again after a decade without. I am completely obsessed with hamburgers. SO good! I can’t believe I ever thought I could compare veggie burgers to the real thing šŸ˜›

    It’s definitely getting cold here in the mornings! At least it’s been sunny šŸ™‚

  2. That is a great goal – one I should consider! I found you via Tyler at 344 pounds. You’re doing great! I’m a photographer, so my vote is that even if you don’t redo the vows, you plunk down for a good custom portrait session when you hit your first milestone. You’ll feel amazing!

    • deefit

      Thanks Holly! I just checked out your site and saw your then & now photos – you’re looking great too! I can’t wait until I’m at a place where I can take some before and afters and hopefully see a difference! šŸ™‚

      Your photography is STUNNING, by the way! You are incredibly talented! šŸ™‚

      Thanks for stopping by to read. It is always nice to meet new people on here!

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