Dee Misbehaves…

OOPS! I was very very bad tonight and opted to make pizza from a Kraft pizza kit (EEK!). I made a little single person pizza for me, and a big one for my hubby, and ate 3/4 of my little pizza! Yikes! I tried to balance out by reducing my portions from what I use to eat when we made pizza like this, reduced the cheese on top, used light mozzarella and Parmesan, and added toppings of spinach, mushroom and green onion. I feel a little better about it since I tried to bring some healthy items into the mix! I didn’t remember to take a picture, but it was a pretty standard-looking pizza creation.

I had wanted to make homemade whole wheat dough, but I was just so wiped out tonight that I skipped that plan.

Earlier in the day…

Breakfast was oatmeal again with blueberries – SO good. I am loving this combo.

Breakfast of champions!

Breakfast of champions!

My morning snack was eight Kashi TLC (Tasty Little Crackers) – Natural Ranch, with cheese. I give these TWO THUMBS UP! These little crackers are fabulous! No pictures – me and my coworkers devoured them much too quickly so I forgot!

Lunch today was leftover chicken soup (I’d frozen in 1 c. servings), with a fresh carrot on the side.

Now, afternoon snack, which I prepared for myself and my coworker, was DIVINE – vanilla yogurt, topped with sliced banana and a few carob chips. The flavor mix was absolutely perfect, and felt like we were having a real treat! With it a mug of Chai tea – I swear we each drank a few good mugs of this today! This tea is fantastic!

A sweet, but healthy treat & some addictive Chai tea to top it off!

A sweet, but healthy treat & some addictive Chai tea to top it off!

I’ve also got a few more items to try or for my son to try in the coming days, purchased in minimal portions from the bulk foods store:

  • almond butter
  • apple butter
  • dehydrated apple pieces (these were for my son, and he tried and LOVED them)
  • dehydrated pear pieces (again, he tried them and LOVED them – I bought two pieces, he ate both already!)
  • The Simply Bar (Okay, I admit, I tried this already – it’s TERRIBLE! It was the peanut butter chocolate soy bar.)
  • Some flax seed for on top of oatmeal
  • Some 12 grain cereal to try
  • Some red quinoa to try
  • Summer Fresh brand Snack’N’Go Original Hummus & Flatbread (Buy One Get One Free at Sobeys, so $0.99 each on sale)
  • Summer Fresh brand Snack’N’Go Garlic Hummus & Flatbread (Buy One Get One Free at Sobeys)
Experiments of the future.

Experiments of the future.

Now then, off to work out for a little bit perhaps – not sure as my right leg is very sore for some reason – and then shower/bed. I’ve got a busy day ahead tomorrow at the office, and am attending a special information session for local business leaders on ‘Minimizing the Impact of H1N1‘ (in the workplace, of course), hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, and then have a Board meeting in the evening, now that summer is essentially over and we’re back to our monthly Board meetings. May not get a chance to post tomorrow, but will surely be back Thursday if I don’t get back tomorrow! 🙂


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One response to “Dee Misbehaves…

  1. Jennifer

    Hummus is a staple in our house. The kids LOVE it! They would eat it right out of the container (I shouldn’t say would…they have lol ). 🙂
    Let me know how the quinoa is! Here is a recipe off of a blog I frequent

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