Dee’s Skinny Tunes: Inspire! ‘Happy’ by Leona Lewis

I was just checking in to one of my favorite celeb blogs,, and heard the new single out by Leona Lewis.

(For those who don’t know, Leona is the 2006 winner of the British talent-driven show, The X Factor. Most likely you’ve heard her superhit, Bleeding Love.)

I listened to the song, called ‘Happy’ at – you can check it out at PerezHilton’s site here.

It’s one of those songs that gives you shivers, and INSPIRES!

Here are some of the lyrics (SOURCE):

someone once told me
that you have to choose
what you win or lose
you cant have everything
dont you take chances
you might feel the pain
dont you love in vain
cause love wont set you free
i could stand by the side
and watch this life pass me by
so unhappy but safe as could be

so what if it hurts me
so what if i break down
so what if this world just throws me off the edge
my feet run out of ground
i gotta find my place
i wanna hear my sound
dont care about other pain infront of me
cause im just tryna be happy, yea
just wanna be happy, yea

Now if that’s not a power ballad for personal change, even knowing there’s a long hard road ahead to get there, then I don’t know what is! Check it out! I think I’ll definitely be buying the single!

Go ahead, try and tell me you didn’t get shivers listening to it! 🙂


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