Why Is Dee Getting Fit?

I am a twenty-something wife, mother of one, with a fast-paced career in business. In the past, I’ve not taken the time to focus on me, and my personal health and fitness. I am a habitual stress eater, an over eater and never took the time to exercise. I always had an ediettimexcuse.

I have struggled with my weight my entire life, and was at my smallest in recent years immediately after my son was born four years ago – at which point I was still 30 pounds over the upper limit of a healthy weight range for my height. Since my son was born, I have struggled further, gaining an additional 50 pounds. This means that in total, I am 70+ pounds over my goal healthy weight. That it has gotten to this point is shocking and terrifying to me – I want to be healthy, and be there for my son. I don’t want to be the mom who skips all of the park outings… I am doing this for me, but I am also doing this for him. He needs a Mom who can give life her all, and give HIM her all, in every way!

Each year, for the past four years, I have made the effort to achieve something important in my life. The first year, I set about obtaining my professional designation, and achieved this within the year. The second year, I decided I would start the journey to a healthy me by quitting smoking. I have been smoke free for 1 year and 7 months. This year, I realized I was tired of being afraid to drive, and went out and took my road test after almost a decade of procrastination – I love the freedom of driving.

This year, for completion in 2010, my goal is to get myself into a healthy weight range, and focus on eating right, exercising, and just plain feeling healthier.  This blog is about this journey… a journey to a healthier me!

My office recently started a ‘Biggest Loser’ contest as well, which provides some extra motivation. Our first weigh-in was Monday, August 24th, 2009. Our second weigh-in was Monday August 31st, 2009, and the next will be this coming Tuesday after the holiday. At my last weigh-in, I had lost about 3 pounds.

Since I started myself almost 3 weeks ago, per my scale at home, I have lost about 14 pounds. My original long-term (morning) weight was 246 on my home scale. In under 3 weeks, my weight has dropped to 232, a loss that I;m sure won’t continue so dramatically.

What am I doing?

  • Exercising. While I never before took the time to exercise, I now exercise anywhere from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours per day, including cardio on an elliptical, and light weight training, ab work and general exercise with two 5 pound weights, a 65″ exercise ball, and a yoga mat. I am burning between 600 and 1200 calories a day with my consistent exercise.
  • Eating Regularly. I was always very prone to skipping meals, and then gorging late in the evening. Now I eat breakfast,a  small snack, lunch, a small snack, and dinner, preferably before 7:00 pm.
  • Avoiding/Minimizing Carbs/Starches. White breads, white rice, potatoes, pasta – all my favorites. I am learning to fill up on other things like vegetables, eat breads/pastas/rice, etc. earlier int he day if I am going to eat it, and eat healthier versions (whole wheat, whole grains, etc.).
  • Portion Control: I don’t understand why I ever felt the need to PILE my plate full of pasta when we had spaghetti. A 1/4 cup pasta and more sauce is much healthier, and even then, I can eat much less and be full now.
  • WATER!!! I drink water like there’s no tomorrow. Ice water is best, and sometiems I’ll add some lemon concentrate and honey.


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