How Am I Monitoring What I Eat?

Anyone who knows me personally, and especially professionally, knows and understands that I have a passion for structure to my activities, and a penchant for creating templates to make life simple… so it should come as no surprise to these folks that I created a template that allows me to monitor my calorie intake, my food guide servings, my exercise and calories burned, and determine whether I am meeting my required calorie deficit each day to facilitate weight loss.

The biggest benefit to this is that I can see:

(a) Whether I have gone over my calories, or maybe have room for a small treat.

(b) I can monitor my servings per Canada’s Food Guide to ensure I’m meeting nutritional guidelines – although I do get lazy about that part.

(c) It provide me with visible validation of my efforts in watching what I eat and exercising – to see those calories just burn away is amazing!!!

Here is a little screenshot of the template I use. I’m sharing it with anyone who would like to use it, and it can be downloaded from the BoxNet widget at the right hand side of my blog. You will need Microsoft Excel in order to use the template, as the calculations are built in for you.

My Daily Weight Management Template

My Daily Weight Management Template


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