Dee’s Skinny Tunes: Songs to Motivate

So, in my quest to become healthier and reach my goal weight, I was presented initially with a key problem – how to motivate myself to work out actively and regularly?

I had recently purchased a Sansa Clip MP3 player, as my first foray into this type of technology. I have to share also, that I flipping LOVE this thing – it is durable, easy to use, drop and drag music from your desktop AND the sound is incredible – I’ve had many folks with other players try mine and tell me how impressed they were with the sound. Now, while drowning out the outside world while working out is important to me – this rocks!

Sansa Clip - The Ultimate MP3 Player

Sansa Clip - The Ultimate MP3 Player

So anyway, I began my quest to find the PERFECT tunes to rock out to during a workout to stay motivated – in particular tunes that would work well with the rhythm of an elliptical machine, which I use daily for a full body workout.

So today I’ll share 5 of my favorites, and then I’ll share another 5 every once in a while in the future.

1. “Take Me Out” – By Franz Ferdinand. This song lets you take it easy getting started, and then the chorus starts and it gets intense – put the elliptical on a high tension and go with the beat!

2. “Boys Wanna Be Her” – By Peaches. This song has a great beat, and I tend to keep pace with the breaths in the background. AWESOME for an intense elliptical workout.

3. “Sunshowers” by M.I.A.This one is fun – great beat, not your usual. In fact, anything by M.I.A. makes for a great workout – you can’t help but move to the beat! With this song I tend to go ‘forward backward-forward backward’ on the elliptical rather than going round and round as usual. It matches the beat well, and works out all parts of the leg.

4. “Let It Rock” BY Kevin Rudolph, feat. Lil Wayne. Quite simply you’d be crazy not to feel motivated to move to this song.¬† Awesome.

5. “Change” By Daniel Merriweather. Good steady beat, and a song you’ll enjoy listening to – motivating lyrics on so many levels.

HONORABLE MENTION: “Girl’ By Anouk. Great beat, but too fast for the elliptical – better suited to jogging/treadmill.

Try these out – hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do! More to come!


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