Dee Tries Carob, Sesame & Skinny Chips

So recently I’ve been eyeing locally produced foods and produce, as well as health foods and organic foods.  Once in a while I will buy something random, just to try it.

So my most recent purchases include:

  • One carob chip, peanut butter, rice crisp & honey bar, locally produced, from the local health food shop. $1.95 (CDN). VERDICT: It was quite tasty, but seems as though the rice crisp cereal used may have been stale to begin with. If I found my own recipe, I’d likely be able to call this a winner. My son (age 4) ran off with it and gleefully chowed down on his new ‘treat.’ Definitely a winner in the kid department!
  • One Peanut Sesame Munchie. Ingredients: Peanut Butter, Honey, Sesame Seeds, Skim Milk Powder. Produced by Yum Foods Limited, of Windsor, Nova Scotia. Email: Oops, didn’t check the price. VERDICT: I had a piece, and found it was overwhelmingly peanut butter, as if not enough honey had been included in the recipe. My son tried it and liked it at first, then decided he didn’t like it ‘because it got peanuts on it.’ He was referring to the sesame seeds and the texture was not to his liking I guess.
  • One container sweetened carob chips. VERDICT: Very sweet. I think I’d have been better off going with unsweetened.
  • One container carob powder. VERDICT: Unknown; haven’t tried it in anything yet.
Random test purchases from Healthy Habits, in Colchester County, Nova Scotia.Food2009 026

Random test purchases from Healthy Habits, in Colchester County, Nova Scotia.

  • ‘Skinny Chips’ – BBQ Corn Chips. VERDICT: These are NOT corn CHIPS, they are corn PUFFS. There is a HUGE difference. They were, however, tasty. My son ate most of them and seems to have horded whatever may have remained in the bag. Very low calories, and good for a snack attack – but I truly prefer plain ole’ air-popped popcorn with some seasoning.
  • Speerville Flour Mill’s Stone Ground Whole Wheat Flour. This is as locally produced as it gets. Speerville’s is a flour mill located in New Brunswick, Canada, which draws on grains from organic and non-organic producers across Atlantic Canada (depending on the product of course). They have a wide variety of products beyond plain flour from pancake mixes to beans to organic popcorn. VERDICT: Again, haven’t tried this yet, but will be shortly with a recipe for cheesy homemade crunchie cheese wafers from – difference being that their recipe calls for flour without specifying the type, so I assume white.
Speerville Flour Mill's Stone Ground Whole Wheat Flour

Speerville Flour Mill's Stone Ground Whole Wheat Flour

  • Speerville’s Flour Mill’s Organic Popping Corn. We’ve been using this for a month or so now, making a point to buy it after receiving EXCELLENT customer service from Speerville’s VERDICT: This stuff pops BEAUTIFULLY, and tastes even better! I can’t imagine buying anything else now! Slightly sweet, and very fresh tasting. Air-popped and plain, or topped with a sprinkle of butter, no one could say no to this popping corn.
Speerville's Organic Popping Corn

Speerville's Organic Popping Corn

  • Bob’s Red Mill – Stone Ground Cornmeal Muffin/Cornbread Mix. I bought this in the organics/natural foods section of the local Atlantic Superstore, as it was on sale. I believe it was about $1.00 (CDN) off. I LOVE me some cornbread (though of course, best done in moderation and earlier in the day if possible). It is a real pain to make my own cornbread – though I keep cornmeal in the hosue for just this purpose – so I thought this was worth a try. VERDICT: Will let you know when I’ve tried it. 🙂
Bob's Red Mill Stone Ground Cornmeal Muffin/Cornbread Mix

Bob's Red Mill Stone Ground Cornmeal Muffin/Cornbread Mix

Well, that’s it for now. As I try new foods and new creations, I’ll be back to share the outcomes and the verdict!


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